TRNTEK Punch Mitts


Curved punching mitts crafted from premium leather with reinforced stitching, tailored for high-impact training. The anatomical curve design naturally absorbs the force of punches, providing enhanced protection and comfort. Ideal for boxing and martial arts, they feature high-density foam padding and secure wrist straps for a snug fit and superior shock absorption.

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These curved punching mitts are meticulously designed for both amateur and professional use in combat sports training. Constructed entirely from high-grade leather, they offer exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. The leather’s natural give provides a comfortable, snug fit that molds to the user’s hand over time.
The mitts feature reinforced stitching, a critical enhancement that fortifies the seams and ensures they can withstand the intense, repetitive impact of punches. This reinforcement not only extends the lifespan of the mitts but also provides athletes with the confidence that their equipment is as resilient as their training regimen demands.
The key feature of these mitts is their curved design, which is anatomically engineered to align with the natural contours of the hand and wrist. This curvature is not merely aesthetic; it is instrumental in dispersing the force of incoming punches across the surface of the mitt, thereby reducing strain on the trainer’s hands and wrists and diminishing the risk of injury.
Internally, the mitts are padded with a high-density foam that absorbs shocks effectively, offering additional protection and comfort to the wearer. This foam also helps to diffuse the energy of the strikes, making for a safer and more controlled training experience.
The mitts are equipped with a secure Velcro wrist strap that facilitates a customizable fit, ensuring they remain snugly in place during even the most vigorous of training sessions. The design of the mitts allows for quick hand positioning, making transitions between drills seamless and efficient.
Whether used for boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or general fitness, these curved punching mitts are a reliable tool for athletes seeking to enhance their striking abilities while prioritizing safety and equipment longevity.                                                                                     Features:
• Curved Hitting Surface;
• Comfortable hook and loop wrist strap;
• Ergonomic Fit;
• Cushioned Finger Guard.


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