TRNTEK Muay Thai Pad


These robust Muay Thai pads are crafted for durability and comfort, featuring a resilient leather exterior and impact-absorbing foam padding. At 38 cm by 20 cm, they provide a generous target area for precision striking in martial arts training. The stark black and white design not only looks professional but also offers high visibility for accurate strikes. With adjustable straps for a secure fit, these pads are ideal for enhancing your training regimen.

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Our Muay Thai pads are engineered to meet the demanding needs of martial arts practitioners. With dimensions measuring 38 cm in length and 20 cm in width, these pads offer a substantial striking surface suitable for a variety of combat sports training, including Muay Thai, MMA, and kickboxing.
Crafted from premium leather, the exterior is both durable and supple, providing a resilient yet responsive surface for repeated impacts. Beneath the leather lies a dense foam padding, meticulously selected for its shock-absorbing properties, ensuring maximum protection for both the holder and the striker.
The color scheme of the pads is a striking combination of deep black and crisp white, designed to maintain a professional look while resisting the appearance of wear and tear. The high-contrast colors not only add to the visual appeal but also enhance visibility for accurate strikes.
These pads are equipped with reinforced stitching along the seams to withstand the rigors of daily training. The back features sturdy straps and a secure grip handle, which are both adjustable to accommodate different arm sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit for pad holders of all builds.
The ergonomic design of these Muay Thai pads allows for easy maneuverability, making them an excellent choice for practicing a wide range of strikes, from powerful kicks to precise knee strikes and punches. Whether used in a professional training environment or for personal practice, these pads are built to aid in the development of striking power, speed, and accuracy.
• a sturdy yet cosy striking surface;
• more than 2.5″ of layered foam padding;
• padded “Easy-Grip” handles for comfort retention;


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