TRNTEK handwraps are long, narrow strips of fabric with elastic properties that allow for a secure and snug fit around the hand and wrist.
These handwraps provide support and stability to the bones and joints of the hand, minimizing the risk of injuries. Our handwraps help to protect the skin and knuckles, reducing the chances of cuts, scrapes, and abrasions.
These are made from a combination of cotton and elastic materials, ensuring flexibility and breathability.
By wearing our handwraps, you can increase the overall stability of your hands, reducing the impact of punches and absorbing shock during training or matches. They also create a solid foundation for boxing gloves, ensuring a secure fit and added protection.
• Thumb Loop;
• Hand & Wrips Support;
• Durable Hook & Loop Fastening;
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The Handwraps represent our handwrap line’s next evolutionary step. Better tension and a cosier, thicker wrap are features of our Handwraps, which provide more protection, comfort, and strength. You may repeatedly wash these incredibly sturdy wraps without worrying about them deteriorating. For a snug fit, these wraps include a high-quality hook and loop attachment.


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