Basic Boxing Glove – BB


Get your hands on our top-of-the-line 10-ounce boxing gloves now on sale! Perfect for training, these gloves strike the perfect balance between speed and protection. Made with durable synthetic leather and multi-layered foam padding, they offer maximum comfort and shock absorption. With an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit, these gloves are designed to elevate your boxing game. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your training sessions with these high-quality 10-ounce gloves!


Presenting our premium boxing gloves weighing 10 ounces, now available for sale! These gloves combine superior craftsmanship and advanced materials to provide an exceptional boxing experience for both beginners and experienced fighters.

These 10-ounce gloves are specifically designed for training. They offer a perfect balance between speed and protection, allowing you to deliver swift and accurate punches without compromising safety.

Crafted from high-quality synthetic leather, these gloves boast durability, comfort, and extended longevity. The material not only resists wear and tear, but it also provides a snug fit around your hands, ensuring proper hand positioning and minimizing the risk of injury.

The interior of these gloves is equipped with multi-layered foam padding, meticulously designed to offer maximum shock absorption and impact resistance. Your hands and knuckles will be well-protected, allowing you to train with confidence, knowing that your hands are supported.

To further enhance performance, these gloves feature a secure and adjustable hook-and-loop closure system. This ensures a secure fit, preventing any undesired movement during intense training sessions. With these gloves, you’ll experience reliable wrist support and stability.

Whether you’re a dedicated boxer or someone looking to improve fitness through boxing workouts, our 10-ounce gloves are a versatile choice. Grab a pair today to elevate your training regimen, improve your technique, and take your boxing skills to the next level!


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